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Meet The Team

Our awesome dogs!

Denali's Peak Bird Dog

Denali  has a TON of drive. Hunts very hard and does not give up.

champions within the pedigree
-6X CH/2X RU CH/GNG CH Still Meadows Jim
-5X CH Pennstar
-CH Diamonds Tricky Dick
-8X CH Hamiltons Blue Diamond
-CH Tricky Dick Mike
-2X CH/2X RU CH Hytest Skyhawk
-3X CH/RU CH Shady Hills Billy
-RU CH Super Ghost
-2X CH/RU CH Northern Anndee
​-2X CH/3X RU CH Long Gone George

FDSB English Setter

Owner/Handler: Amanda Ray Gross​

Bird Crazy Maverick

Maverick is VERY athletic, can run for hours and not get tired.

champions within the pedigree
-Double bred  2X CH/2X RU CH Long Gone Nixon
-Double bred 5X CH National Champion Grouse Ridge Reory
-Double bred 8X CH/4X RU CH Long Gone Agnes

FDSB English Setter

Owner/Handler: John M Boggs IV

Copper Bird Dog Outdoors

Copper is our younger stud dog. Was fully trained by 7 months old. Natural.

Placed 3rd at the Kansas Hunting Dog Derby Classic in March of 2018.

champions within the pedigree
-CH Private Ryan
-CH Barbaro
-CH Brannigan
-CH Ragged Hill Nip
-CH Smoke Screen
--Double bred 7X CH GRID IRON

FDSB English Setter

Owner/Handler: Raymond S Gross JR
Smoken Iron Bird Dog
​​        Smoke is out of our most recent breeding. His mother, our own Denalis Peak Bird Dog, is our top guide dog. She has an outstanding noise, beautiful style and was very trainable. His father, CH-3X R/U CH Go For Broke was a big running, bird finding, amazing athlete. Hopefully the  mixture of the two gives him everything we are looking for!

champions within the pedigree
         -CH - 3X R/U CH Go For Broke
         -7X CH Grid Iron
         -CH Ragged Hill Nip
         -2X CH Smoke Screen
         -CH Private Ryan
         -CH Bluegrass
         -4X CH Brannigan
         -8X CH Hamiltions Blue Diamond
         -CH Diamonds Tricky Dick
         -2X CH - 2X R/U CH Hytest Skyhawk
         -5X CH Pennstar

        FDSB English Setter

Owner/Handler: Amanda Ray Gross
Kona Kailua Pier Bird Dog​​
         Kona came to us at 6 months old, she has a lot of potential and a gorgeous point! Will hopefully get her trained up to get her JH title very soon.

champions within the pedigree
          -4X GMPR Sharla’s Mighty Awesome Dusty MH
          -GMPR Sir’s Mighty Eli SH
          -FC AFC CFC CAFC Jazztime MH
          -GMPR Sirs Choice Gumbo MH
          -GMPR Sir Hershey of Surrey (APLA HALL OF FAME)
          -AFC CFC CAFC 
          -Double bred CH Pinekone Max JR

FDSB English Setter

Owner/Handler: Amanda Ray Gross

Kodiak Island Bird Dog
          Kodi has a ton of drive. She never stops moving. Bird crazy and ENERGIZED.

3rd Place at the South Central Kansas Bird Dog Club Open Derby in October 2018.
3rd Place at the South Central Kansas Bird Dog Club Open Derby in February 2019.

champions within the pedigree
          -2X National CH Shadow Oak Bo
          -CH Shak Ti
          -CH A Tarheel Sunrise
          -CH Ravenwood Riley
          -CH Smoke Rise Buck
          -2X CH Grouse Feather Mark
          -2X CH High Mark
          -8X CH Hamiltons Blue Diamond
          -CH Pinekone Max 
​          -CH Pinekone Max JR
        FDSB English Setter

Owner/Handler: Amanda Ray Gross
Pistol Annie Bird Dog
        ​Annie is a spit fire! Not afraid of anything, bird crazy. Fully trained at 6 months old. Hoping to run her in some retriever trials soon.

​champions within the pedigree
​        -SHR High Flying Maverick of Red Cedars
​        -FC AFC Jazztime Last Chance V Pekisko
        -FC AFC Jazztime's Frequent Flyer
        -FC AFC Crow Rivers Malarky's Cougar
        -Calumet's Wild Card MH
        -FC AFC Calumet's Super Sonic
​        -High Sierra Kodiac MH

​AKC Labrador Retriever 

​Owner/Handler: Raymond S Gross JR
Yukon River Bird Dog
​​        Yukon is by far the most intelligent and willing to please dog we have come across. 4 months old dove hunting here in Kansas, 5 months old pheasant hunting in South Dakota, and hopfully by the end of 2019 he will have his JH title under his belt!

champions within the pedigree
         -CPR King Davids Mighty Benaiah II
         -4XGMPR Cashman Super Trooper MH
         -Saulk River Marley Newell JH
        -CPR Shoal CreeksStormin Norman MH
        -CPR Tracies Precious Casey
        -GMPR Dukes True Grit SH
        -CPR Saulk Rivers Sudden Impact
        -GMPR Riks Risky Raider MH
        -Lady Chasity of Windy Hill SH
        -GMPR Grits of Black Forest SH
        -GMPR Killary Kate II
        -GMPR Saulk Rivers Featherstorm

        -CPR Saulk Rivers Pure Magic
        -CPR Scotts Razmataz of Bearpoint
        -Skeets Brileys Full Choke JH
        -Mountian's Top Chama JH
        -4XGMPR Black Forests Bear Grits MH
        -Bearpoints Absolute Cassie JH
        -Stars Casanova MH
        -Mountains Top Beggar MH
        -NAFC FC AFC Candlewoods Ramblin Man
        -Holy Cross's Primo Genita CD

        AKC Labrador Retriever

Owner/Handler: Amanda Ray Gross